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CMs Total Failure-Voices of Dissent from Within…

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Total Failure of CM Pramod Sawant and his Government is evident from the fact that voices of dissent are coming out from within the Government itself. Administrators are fed up with the lethargic attitude of CMOs which is dragging Goa to its doom forcing genuine people with concern for Goa to come out openly against the CM & his Decadent Governance !

The latest issue pertains to Shri. Damodar Kochkar , GSIA President and GIDC Board member alleging inaction by CM which is followed up by Shri Glen Ticlo, Chairman, GIDC going on record that he’s not receiving any support from the present CM after the sad demise of Ex-CM, Shri Manohar Parrikar.

This is a clear indicator that Dr Pramod Sawant has absolutely failed to fill in the shoes of our erstwhile visionary Shri Parrikar. The industrial development of Goa has been on reverse mode for 3/4 years since the change of CM. The choice of Dr Sawant as CM Was,

Is and Shall continue to be the worst chapter in the history of Goa. It can be simply left to imagination as to what vile scheming might have been mitigated in those difficult times by our Dr Corruption to get into the CMs Chair! The BJPs spokesperson in one of his recent press briefings admitted that in the final months, Shri Parrikar was constrained by many factors including health and his physical absence from the state and these factors have had a detrimental impact on certain contestable decisions. As far as Goans are concerned, the choice of Dr Pramod Sawant as CM is the most contestable decision which has proved absolutely devastating for Goa. Right from the day this Accidental CM assumed charge, we have been plagued with scams, grafts, blatant corruption, purposeful lethargy in Governance, indecisiveness and total administrative failure. Crime rates have escalated and we are also witnessing an unprecedented level of Drugs, Mafia and related national and international criminal activities.

The Lokayukta too considered it necessary in its wisdom to come down severely on this Government in Labour scam, Communidade land misappropriation etc.So much so that the Lokayukta’s High Office of Justice was compelled to say that “Only God Can Save Goa” from this Government but still Dr Corruption continues shamelessly. Anyone else would have resigned immediately but then moral turpitude is always the shield of Corruption!

The GIDC viewpoints are just the tip of this Government’s Absolute Failure on the Economic front. While sustenance and revival of the manufacturing industry that supports the economy and livelihood of thousands should be the priority of the Government, our CM has taken upon himself to bring to a standstill the entire industry with his indecisiveness and delay tactics in taking crucial measures to revive the economy. The lowly position of 24th in EoDB is a clear indicator that industries and businesses will keep away from Goa. Instead of providing an Industry & Business friendly environment, we’re exhibiting a corrupt and lethargic governance which is diverting investors to other states .

Dr Pramod Sawant and his Government has failed to maintain the tempo of progress by expediting SEZs, IPBs and providing an Industry & Investor Friendly Environment and thus brought us to this pitiful industrial crisis so quickly in his term of Governance itself and we can witness total destruction of industrial sector in Goa by the time he finishes his tenure as CM.

The frustration of GIDC & it’s able Administrators who aim at positive revival of industry is evident from the fact that the Chairman has even suggested to move out. This is a shame for the CM whose office is blamed for delays and interferences that’s destroying the GIDC and it’s very purpose of ensuring industrial development of Goa. The negligent attitude of the CM to the industry isn’t surprising as he’s too busy with his political game’s catering to the Central dictats and offering political patronage to the Drug & Crime Syndicates. With BJP already into election mode, the moolah lies in Drugs and Corruption not in industrial development.

Whether the industry survives in Goa is irrelevant because remaining in Power is most relevant for the CM and BJP! as CM.


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