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AAP slammed the BJP govt in Goa today after GIDC chairman Glen Ticlo, & BJP MLA admitted that the CM & Health Minister aren’t letting businesses in Goa function, pushing the state further into recession. Already Corona saw most of Goa’s industries shut down causing unemployment amongst Goa’s youth. Goa’s rating in ease of doing business has slipped down from 21 to the spot of 24 in the country.

Considering that the government in the state is not working for the development of the industries but for the development of the Bhartiya Janata Party through GIDC perhaps it should rename itself BHARTIYA JANATA PRIVATE LIMITED

This latest admission makes it clear that the Govt is not even considering remedial measures about Industries and businesses but once again leaving Goans to fend for themselves.

“When even Glen Ticlo a BJP MLA & Chairman of Goa State Industries Association openly states that there is a huge amount of corruption going on in the GIDC one has to notice.” Said Adv Tilve. “Ticlo’s statement that this is what is responsible for creating hurdles in starting more industries and running the existing industries itself actually proves how the government doesn’t care about improving the industrial development situation in Goa.” Added Tilve

AAP leader Adv. Surel Tilve also pointed out the rampant corruption in the GIDC and overall government administration is what has caused concern over the industrial situation and fall in the ease of doing business in Goa

“We can look at the labour gate scam for example, where the activists and ZP candidates of the BJP have entered in the list as industrial workers and have taken the benefits of all the money which should have been given to beneficiaries of the scheme. If we want to give jobs to the youth and want to encourage young entrepreneurs to start new businesses and industries, then we will have to stop this corruption. If we want to stop all this mess, we will have to shut down this industry called “Bhartiya Janata Private Limited” said leader Adv. Surel Tilve.


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