Canacona neglected past 60 years, says RG

Panaji: Revolutionary Goans Chief, Manoj Parab alleged that the Canacona MLA, Isidore Fernandes has failed to keep pace with development and assured to rectify past mistakes while addressing the media on Sunday.
This constituency was totally neglected by the various political parties which came in power. Only for their self-motives they have been fighting for the ticket and the constituency has seen zero development. Everyone is just eyeing the candidature for the assembly elections, but the groundwork carried out is zero. Canacona requires a major revamp.
It is without any basic civic amenities till date, six decades after Liberation it continues to remain cut off from the rest of Goa under the various leadership heads. Basic amenities such as electricity, water connection, government health centres, public schools and roads remain a distant dream.
One can recall that Isidore himself switched sides to join the BJP, criticised his former party for being a divided house and stated that everyone in Congress is bothered about themselves. He said, “We wanted to be part of development. BJP is an inclusive party. Congress is a divided house where everyone is bothered about themselves.”
The RG Chief condemned the Canacona MLA’s recent statement claiming that over 500 houses that are likely to be demolished in comunidade land and forest areas across Canacona will definitely benefit from the Bhumiputra Adhikarini Bill that has recently been passed in the state legislative assembly.
“Isidore is commenting that the Bhumitra bill was welcomed by him. He is welcoming it because he knows that this is the only way the illegal structures can be regularised. This is nothing but a total setting with the builder’s lobby. He has no knowledge of the law and the finer details of this bill. If Canacona continues to be run by uneducated people, then it will face further deterioration. First of all the comunidade lands here have been sold to migrants.,” said Manoj.
Maximum comunidade land here has been sold to outsiders. Over 2 lakh square meters of comunidade land in Poinguinim has been sold to an outsider. People were using this land use to grow cashew and for their livelihood.
“It is time the sitting MLA and previous ones point out what work has been carried out in Canancona over the last six decades. The assets of the MLA’s in the affidavits filed by them keeps increasing in every assembly election held. In Goa the financial stability and assets of the 40 thieves has only been getting better while the little that we Niz Goenkar have is being taken away,” he remarked.
Revolutionary Goans have begun their work ahead of the upcoming elections. The members from Canacona will be visiting all the houses of Goan voters.
“We are being welcomed by the people from here who tell us their grievances. We are in the process of finalising our candidate in Canacona. We are sure that the 1,000’s of people who supported us during the coal revolt will help our candidate win. This is our last chance to fight for our land and win back our Goa,” said Manoj.


  1. RG & BJP are two sides of the same coin. They both do politics of hate. RG is saying POGO and BJP is saying BHUMIPUTRA. RG & BJP Speaking against Humanity in front of Humans is a clear cut Politics of Hates. Politics of Hates has no place in a Peaceful Goa. Goans don’t want violence, please.


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