BJP forcing homemaker to rely on firewood to cook, inflation increasing every passing day: Beena Naik


Panaji: Alleging that the ‘Double Engine’ government has failed to keep inflation in control, Mahila Congress on Wednesday stated that failed policies of Narendra Modi and Pramod Sawant have forced people to rely on firewood to meet their cooking requirements.

Addressing a press conference in Congress House, Mahila Congress President Beena Naik slammed the BJP government for not decreasing the rates of LPG, which now as per trend soar often.

“When Congress was ruling in the country, the same brigade of BJP used to target us on LPG price, which was at Rs 410, but when the rate became Rs 1017 in their regime, neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor his ‘jumla’ brigade uttering single word on inflation,” Naik lambasted, adding only during elections they bring down rates to woo voters.

She also pointed out that the BJP government had promised during assembly election to provide three LPG free, but the scheme has not been implemented. “Like jumla of crediting 15 lakhs to the savings accounts of the public, this is another jumla of the BJP, who have hoodwinked the housewives by not implementing LPG scheme. The BJP government has money to spend and waste it on events which promote their party, but they don’t have money to spend on this scheme,” she lamented.

She said that rates of pulses and other essential goods have skyrocketed, but no measures are taken by the BJP government.

“BJP is using several issues to divert the attention from inflation, people are aware of it and I am sure the poor and middle class will show them doors during the election,” Beena Naik said.

She alleged that Modi have wrote off 10 lakh crore bank loan of industrialist, but has failed to waive off the loans of farmers and give support price.

“Our leader Rahul Gandhi is meeting people through his ‘Nyay Yatra’ and they are narrating their life stories of how they are suffering. BJP will never be able to understand or feel the pain the people are facing. It is only because they work for crony capitalists and not for the public,” Beena Naik said.

The members of Mahila Congress, Including Liberata Madeira, Laxmi Chavan, Suchita Thakkar, Clara, Dcunha, Joanita Souza, Anuradha Naik, Fatima Pereira, Zarina Sheikh, Sallette Miranda and Lavinia D’Costa, attacked BJP government for the rising prices. They said that prices of Tur Dal, rice, garlic, limes and others have skyrocketed during BJP’s rule.


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