BJP creating a digital divide between Goan Students: AAP


Panaji: The BJP Govt in Goa is once again jeopardising the education of Goan children with it’s heartless and mindless policies and its failure to build up Goa’s infrastructure, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has said on Tuesday.
Due to the pandemic students have been asked to attend online classes. However for the Sawant government this seems to have just been a decision on paper.
Many students, especially in rural Goa have no access to the internet for their studies jeopardising their future. Students are forced to walk miles, climb mountains and stand in the rain just to get a basic education.
“Is this how the future of Goa should be treated? The Sawant Sarkar should provide net connectivity in nearby primary schools/polling booths or any community center or temple hall at the village level so that students can attend online classes in safe environment,” AAP has questioned.
Students in rural Goa are being left with a serious disadvantage that will have a long reaching impact on their development, employability and their future. These students have no access to the internet or mobile connectivity. This issue is prominently faced by students in rural areas like Sattari, Sanguem & Cancona. Students have to walk miles in search of range and even climb mountains,They have to sit in rains under umbrellas and attend classes. This puts a huge strain on them and even risks their health. Students in some places have to face problems of wild animals too like bisons and wild boars while looking for network. This becomes worse when you consider that girls going in forest areas or isolated areas are at risk of molestation or sexual assault also as such areas are not safe.

It may also be noted that Satre-Kodal students have also been demanding for a BSNL tower & have promised an agitation.
“For the BJP policy only means a press release and never action,” said Rahul Mhambre AAP Goa Convenor. “They have failed to provide connectivity to rural Goa over the many years of power and now they have left our children out to dry.’ added Mhambre.
“It seems like the BJP wants to turn the clock back decades to the time when education was only accessible with resources and in cities, while those in villages are purposely being kept backward” stated Adv Surel Tilve AAp Goa Vice President. “Is a Govt that forgets our students worth anything?” added Tilve.


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