Big Boost to BJP with Rohan Khaunte joining the party ahead of polls


Panaji: Former Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte’s entry into the Bharatiya Janata Party has been considered as a big boost for the party, which is currently consolidating its position across the state.

Porvorim was the assembly segment which was left out of its strides due to popularity of Khaunte as an Independent candidate. The two time MLA has shared power with BJP during Manohar Parrikar regime, but was later out of the cabinet.

Roping in of Khaunte has been considered as a master stroke of BJP to neutralize the opposition in Bardez taluka.

Khaunte has been the most intellectually challenging voice in the Opposition.

A Youth icon with a decade long of Socio-political acceptance and developmental orientations, his stellar performances in Parrikar Ministry was just a glimpse of his progressive dreams for Goa. Parrikar himself has acknowledged the performance of Khaunte as Information Technology, Labour and Employment and Revenue department during his tenure.

Several innovative projects are credited to Khaunte bringing in reforms in all the departments that he handled.

He’s extended his sway beyond the limitations of Porvorim constituency and projected Pan -Goa issues on various platforms being the strongest voice of progressive dissent in Goa Assembly.

BJPs been courting internal controversy’s & allegations dimming its electoral imagery and Rohan Khaunte brings a whiff of freshness and proactive ideological boost to BJP.

Goan politics and voter tendencies are surely up for a paradigm shift with the infusion of young progressive blood in BJPs election blitz.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party seems to have completed its mission Bardez with the induction of Khaunte.

Jayesh Salgaonkar was the latest non-BJP leader to join Amit Shah-led party in the state ahead of the legislative assembly elections scheduled in February, next year.

While explaining his decision to join BJP, Khaunte has said that the current scenario in the state’s politics has left BJP as the only credible party.

“We don’t want to be a toy (khelne) in the hands of someone. They say Khel Zatlo but entire game seems to be towards ruining the state politically and economically,” he said.

Khaunte said that he has been in touch with this supporters and well-wishers, who, after analysing the political situation suggested that BJP is the only party which can provide stable and pro-development governance.

He said that Congress has already left the battlefield leaving Trinamool Congress Party to invade the voters.

“We will not allow Goans to be taken granted. We have our own identity and we will not allow the outsider parties to grab it with their three-month mission,” Khaunte said.


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