Bambar village of Nagargao panchayat still await pre-monsoon work Devendra Gaonkar


Valpoi : The Nagargao Village Panchayat has not done the pre monsoon work in Bambar village. At the time of heavy rainfall , the main road of  Bambar village gets inundated.


When the locals are travelling with their vehicles, on this flooded road, the water is entering in the vehicles engines and vehicles are getting stopped from running.


Our Bambar village main road is flooding during the heavy rainfall. Due to this the rain water is entering in our houses. And we have to face the hardship, says a villager Prakash Harwalkar.


At a sharp turn, the road in our village is over flooded with the rain water. The PWD department has built gutter on upper side of the road due to which the rain water gets saturated.


Now the residents from Bambar village demanded that the PWD department should build a proper gutter.



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