Babu Ajgaonkar’s Singapore trip, that never happened


Calangute: If you really thought that Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar and his brothers had a real “Good Time” in Singapore,  then you are absolutely wrong.

The social media is abuzz with the picture of Ajgaonkar brothers with some young men and two dancers posing for a photograph.

The picture is being circulated with the claims that “Babu had good time in Singapore”.

But that’s not true. Goanewshub went through little details to find out and was told that the picture was clicked during inauguration of a night club in North Goa.

The picture has Shikhar Kumar, Yash Ajgaonkar, Gokul Kumar, Manohar Ajgaonkar, Shrikant Ajgaonkar, Rajendra Ajgaonkar, Trivesh Ajgaonkar and Aslam Shaikh.

So, for those who believe that Babu went to Singapore, it’s not right. He was very well in Goa and with his family launching family venture.

So next time you forward that picture, don’t imagine Babu having fun!


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