Adani operates in night, troubles people like a ‘ghost’: Sankalp Amonkar


Mormugao: Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar on Wednesday filed a police complaint against Indian Oil Adani Gas Private Limited for damaging public property and creating pollution in the port city.

 Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar on Wednesday afternoon filed a criminal complain against the Indian Oil Adani Gas Pvt Ltd ( IOAGPL) . Amonkar also called the Adani company as a ghost as they were operating at night, and creating issues for people by creating pollution and damaging public property.  Amonkar also urged Vasco MLA Krishna Salkar to file a complain on the company so as to teach them a lesson .

”  Indian Oil Adani Gas Pvt Ltd (IOAGPL) company has been carrying out excavation at various locations in Vasco city without valid permission and approvals . The company has been taken the citizens of Vasco for granted and has been continuosly violating norms of excavation by not coordinating with any of the departments like PWD Roads, PWD Water Supply ,PWD Sewerage, Municipality and Electricity Department who have pipelines laid under the roads that are being excavated by the company ” said Amonkar

” The company has excavated at sites near the Vasco Garden,near Tilak Maidan , Near mukund building, near Lapaz Hotel and in the course have damaged various underground power and water cables thereby destroying Government property .

It may be recalled that the company had recently damaged the underground cables that had led to a 22 hour long power outage at various parts of Vasco and this had happened since the company had excavated without any coordination with the power department. The Electricity department officials had to work overtime to get the cables restored and a complain was filed by the Electricity department against the company but till date there has been no action on the company nor its officials.” Said Amonkar

” The police seems to have failed to act and this could be one reason why the company continues to excavate without coordination and without permission at other locations in the city.

The 22 hour long power outage caused by the company excavation has caused severe losses to various businessmen in Vasco and also cost the Government a large amount of money running in crores to get private power when the city was suffering from a power outage and all the losses caused to the locals and the Government should be recovered from this company.” Said Amonkar

” I have also been informed that the Vasco MLA Krishna Salkar had directed the company to stop excavation works and not carry out any works without coordination with various departments but the company seems to pay no heed to even directions by the Vasco BJP MLA and it appears that the company is not under anyones control and neither cares  for the law of the land, nor does the company follow rules nor does the company have respect for the Government or its elected representatives.” Said Amonkar

” I am now being informed that the permission for excavation has expired on 15th May and the company continues to works despite not having valid permission and approvals. The company has now damaged main water pipelines during the excavation and this has led to water supply issues to the entire city .” Said Amonkar

”  The excavation has also caused the caving of road and the Electricity department has now informed us that the Electricity pole could fall and cause fatalities and the department has begun works on the road

We are now left to wonder if the company can hold an entire city to ransom by illegally excavating various areas without any fear and permission and in the process cause a lot of inconvenience to the people by depriving them of power, water and proper facilities that have been provided by successive governments.” Said Amonkar

” The company seems to have causing huge losses to the Government exchequer because every excavation has created severe damage to the public property and huge money is spent to repair the damage caused by this company. The PWD department and the Electricity Department has already begun works to repair the roads and water Pipelines and this money is the Government fund which is the people’s money thar cannot be spent to repair things damaged by this company who is illegally carrying out excavation without vaild permission and approvals. ” Said Amonkar

” The company has now also damaged the newly tarred and recently Hotmixed roads and the Government will again have to spend money to get the roads tarred . The pits can also pose a huge danger to people , pedestrians and motorists in the monsoons and we therefore demand that the police register an FIR against the company, investigate into the company Activities and arrest the officials for causing losses to the Government and damaging public property. ” Said Amonkar

“We also request the authorities to summon the company  and make all their credentials,permissions and approvals public and also recover the losses caused to the Government from this company with immediate effect.

The company should also be directed to stop further excavation in Vasco till all the documents and credentials are verified.

We hereby the police to immediately act on our complain and register an offence against the company as per various sections applicable and immediately arrest the company officials for damaging public property, causing severe losses to residents and Government and also endangering human life.

We look forward to an immediate action by the Vasco police in the the matter and hope that the police and other relevant authorities will immediately swing in action, carry out a free and fair probe and register an offence and arrest the company officials ” said Amonkar.


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