Aap storms GMR office, Condemns attempt to evict locals from Mopa


Close on the heels of their foiled attempts to check mass destruction of trees at Mopa, AAP volunteers along with other activists s stormed into the Porvorim office of GMR at around 4.30 pm to question what was termed as ‘dadagiri ‘ by GMR on hapless poor and homeless villagers. Aap said that by an inhuman act, Goa Government had demolished the homes of Suresh Talkatkar and Narayan Salgaonkar in November 2017 without any Notice and in gross contempt of the law. Since then, homeless Suresh has been forced to live in his cowshed. AAP said that earlier today morning at 6 am, both Suresh and Narayan were threatened by goons of GMR that they will be forcibly evicted within 48 hours if they don’t move out.
Aap condemned such threats when no rehabilitation is provided.
AAP further condemned the Goa Government for robbing 94 lakh sq m of lands of poor tenants who come from oppressed sections of society and selling it to GMR also for the cruel use of force against the locals.


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