AAP claims rigging of National Games tender


Panaji: AAP Goa President Amit Palekar on Saturday alleged that the contract for National Games for Rs 110 crore was rigged.


Palekar tweeted “And here it is! @DrPramodPSawant, @tsagofficial, @Govind_Gaude proves us right by making @tcookin as L1 for tender of National Games for 110 crores over experienced bidder who quoted 92 cr. The entire process was rigged and biased to award the tender at 20% higher rate when the experienced bidder is better than Thomas Cook who have no hotels, transport fleet or catering experience. This has been done at the cost of taxpaying Goans hard earned money when the same money could have been used for betterment of sports facilities in Goa. Question is why choose lesser experienced party at higher price? Well well we all know the answer right!!”




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