A Revolution in Water Treatment: Goa’s Own Mahesh Bakal Leads the Charge



In the heart of Margao, nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Goa, lies a humble yet revolutionary firm – M-WATER (MBBS ENTERPRISES), spearheaded by the visionary founder, Mr. Mahesh Bakal. With his expertise as a consultant and turnkey supplier in sewage and water treatment technologies, Bakal has long been a pioneer in addressing Goa’s water challenges. However, it was Bakal’s latest breakthrough that sent shockwaves through the industry – a groundbreaking coagulant designed specifically for the treatment of sewage water. This innovation promised unparalleled results, leaving competitors scrambling to catch up.
“We knew there was a gap in the market,” Bakal explained, his eyes alight with passion. “Goa, with its unique environmental challenges, needed a solution that was not only effective but also sustainable.”
The new MS-B-0008 Flocculating Coagulant, developed after years of research and testing, boasted unparalleled efficacy in removing impurities from sewage water. Its impact was swift and undeniable – water treatment facilities across Goa reported unprecedented levels of cleanliness and purity.
“It’s like a game-changer,” remarked one local official, marvelling at the transformation. “We’ve
never seen anything like it.”
Indeed, the implications of Bakal’s innovation extended far beyond the borders of Goa. In response to the growing demand for stringent water treatment standards, the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) now closely monitors compliance. With MS-B-0008, M-Water stands ready to meet these standards and exceed expectations. And M-Water, with its revolutionary coagulant, stands ready to meet that demand head-on. But for Bakal, the ultimate satisfaction lies in the tangible difference his work is making in the lives of Goans. From revitalizing polluted water bodies to providing clean water, the impact of
his innovation is nothing short of transformative. “We’re not just treating water,” Bakal mused, his gaze sweeping across the lush Goan landscape. “We’re safeguarding our future – one drop at a time.” As Goa looks towards a future shaped by sustainability and innovation, one thing is certain – with Mahesh Bakal at the helm, the journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.


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