4 kayakers saved from drowning off Agonda beach



Four persons involved in two separate kayak mishaps were rescued off Agonda beach over the weekend, which also saw four children who went missing on Goa’s beaches, reunited with their parents.

At Agonda beach, a Pune-based couple aged between 26 to 32 years, who were kayaking off Agonda were at risk of drowning after their kayak overturned in the sea. A vigilant lifeguard observed the duo in distress and promptly alerted a nearby lifesaver, who set off on a rescue mission with a jetski and brought the couple to shore.

In another similar incident, also reported off Agonda beach, two men, both 26 year olds from Maharashtra, were struggling in the water after their kayak overturned, before lifesaver Bhikash Velip rescued the duo with the help of a jetski.

Drishti Marine lifesavers also helped trace a 60-year-old man from Surat in Gujarat, who had gone missing at Calangute beach. The search mission was undertaken after the missing person’s brother approached a lifesaver with a photograph for identification. The missing person was successfully traced and brought back to the lifesaver’s tower on the beach, reuniting him with his brother.

Calangute beach also witnessed two separate incidents in which two children, a four-year-old and a six-year-old, lost contact with their respective parents. On-duty Drishti Marine lifesavers conducted searches, ultimately locating their parents who were at another part of the beach. Sinquerim and Baga beaches also reported missing children aged seven and four years respectively, who were successfully traced due to swift efforts by Drishti Marine lifesavers stationed at the beaches.

A Drishti Marine lifesaver also apprehended an alleged thief, who was in the act of stealing the belongings of an individual at Baga beach. The person was subsequently handed over to local police personnel for further due diligence.


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