Additional Sessions Judge to hear infamous alleged dacoity case booked during demonetisation


Panaji: Additional Sessions Judge – I will hear the case against accused Deepak Gadekar, Atmaram Malwankar, Keshav Naik, Pritesh Agarwadekar and Gautam Korgaonkar on February 5, who were accused of dacoity in the year 2016, during the demonetisation time.

Calangute police had filed chargesheet against the accused under section 395 and 120 B of Indian Penal Code. Accused number 6 Mahendra Mandrekar was not chargesheeted but was declared as an approver by the court.

The sessions court will hear the case on February 5 after two of the accused Atmaram Malwankar and Pritesh Agarwadekar had unsuccessfully challenged the decision of framing charges against them before the High Court.

The single bench of the HC comprising Justice Prakash Naik had refused to allow the revision, last year.

All the accused were arrested in December 2016 after the case was filed against them by Calangute police. The case was later handed to Crime Branch which had filed the chargesheet . As per the case, the complainant Karthik Kotian had mentioned that he was informed by his friend Sandeep from Mangalore that hs brother Tanuj, who presently resides in Goa knows one person in Goa who gives good commission on new denomination of notes.

Accordingly, the complainant contacted his friend Jagdish and Nagraj from Mangalore and informed them about the same.

It was decided to change their new denomination notes. Complainant managed to arrange cash of Rs 1,50,000 in new denomination notes of Rs 2000. Jagdish arranged Rs 2,50,000 in new denomination notes of Rs 2000.
Sandeep arranged Rs 2.5 lakh in new denomination notes of Rs 2,000 and Nagraj arranged Rs 3.7 lakh of which Rs 3.5 lakh in new denomination of 2,000 and Rs 20,000 in old denomination of Rs 100.
Complainant reached Old Goa on 1.12.2016 with cash of Rs 10.20 lakh in new denominations and valid denomination note to change the same for old denominations.

The complainant met Mr. Tanuj who introduced him to Mr. Verissimo Fernandes who informed him that person by name Deepak Gadekar will come to exchange the notes at Baga Calangute at 20.00 hrs. on 1.12.2016 near La Calypso hotel. Complainant Mr. Tanju and Mr. Verissimo Fernandes gathered at Baga Calangute near La Calypso hotel.
Deepak Gadekar was waiting for them in car which was parked on the left side of the road near La Calypso hotel. Complainant and Mr. Verissimo Fernandes went near the car and sat in the car.
He noticed Deepak Gadekar and two others sitting on the front driver seat and back seat of the car. Person sitting on the back seat introduced himself as Atmaram Malwankar. Complainant showed cash of Rs.10,20,000/- to Deepak Gadekar and told him to show old currency notes.
Mr. Gadekar phoned someone and two male persons came to the spot on white colour Activa. Complainant and Mr. Verissimo Fernandes got out from the car as they felt suspicious and tried to run away from the spot. Deepak Gadekar snatched the bag from his hand and remaining three persons namely Atmaram Malwankar and those who came thereafter assaulted the complainant and took him near swift car and forced him to sit in the car.
Complainant managed to escape from their clutches but could not save and protect his bag containing cash. Deepak Gadekar snatched the same from his hands. Driver started swift car. Deepak Gadekar, Atmaran Malwankar and Pillion rider of the scooter sat in the car and fled away. Scooter rider also fled away from the spot. Mr. Verissimo Fernandes tried to contact Deepak Gadekar on his mobile phone. He was not receiving the call. Complainant tried to contact him.
He ignored him and informed him that amount would be returned. Deepak Gadekar contacted Verissimo Fernandes on cell phone and ensure that he would return the money. Since Mr. Deepak Gadekar was not returning the money to Mr.Verissimo Fernandes, he went to meet panch member of Canca. Mr. Gadekar was requested to return the money. He agreed to return the money. However, amount was not returned. Hence, the complaint was lodged on 17.12.2016.
Incidentally, Gadekar was arrested by then Police inspector Jivba Dalvi.


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