Lakhs of litre of treated water to gets wasted as PWD officials wait residents to give them transport


Porvorim: Here comes height of audacity of PWD officials at Porvorim. We hope PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar reads this and initiates inquiry immediately.

The PWD officials in Porvorim have failed to repair two major leakages of the pipeline in Aradi area. And when local panch member Reshma Morajkar sent her representative informing them about the issue, the PWD officials said that they should be ferried by car to the place, or else they wont repair it. visited both the spots where we saw that lakhs of litres of water has been wasted through the leaked pipe. At one spot, the water has been leaking for over one month while another place pipe busted some 12 days back.

The locals are already facing shortage of water and are looking helpless at the water being wasted, while their taps run dry.


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