3 Easy Ways Ladies Can Earn Money Online In Pandemic


Falling short on your finances in coronavirus pandemic?

We’ve seen restaurants, shops, and all kinds of small businesses taking their shutters down in the wake of covid-19.

Lockdown and social distancing have affected the livelihoods of people.

So is that what makes you wonder, how I’m supposed to make money being at home?

Work From Home (WFH).

You might’ve heard WFH many times.

However, you still aren’t sure what to start. WFH is a blessing.

You don’t have to spend hours traveling. You can set your working hours.

All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and the internet to earn money online.

If you want to want some extra income in the pandemic, then consider these opportunities.

Jewelry and Ladies Wear Sales

Ladies usually have a creative side in their personality.


Abigal Barretto, a student from Shree Mallikarjun College of Arts & Commerce in Canacona, Goa, transformed her hobby into an online business in the lockdown phase.

As a fashionista herself, she’s an avid promoter of designer ladies wear products online.

She finds an untapped market for handmade jewelry.

According to Abigal, “every Indian understands the beauty of handicrafts. And, if you’re an art enthusiast, you can start working on your craft.”

Sketch your design concept on paper or screen (adobe illustrator).

Buy the creative pieces online and redesign the set. Make sure that you create unique and attractive products. Something which is not available in the market!

For selling your handmade creations, the Facebook marketplace is the best place.

Associate any deals or promotions tags with your campaign.

You can even become a registered seller on Amazon.


Requirement: DIY Jewelry Set, Thread, Glue, etc.

Investment: Less than ₹5000

Best Online Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Amazon.


2. Online Tuitions

Mrs. Madhuri Deshpande a school teacher from Mumbai moved to Goa at her son’s work town at the surge of the covid-19 second wave.

When she asks her school kids, “what do they miss the most staying indoors?”

They say “School Canteen Samosas.”

Covid-19 has disrupted the education sector. It has shifted traditional classroom teaching to online classes. So there is a high demand for online private tutors.

She says, “although I hate this long-distance relationship with my school kids, we all are learning this alternative way of interaction. Thanks to the free online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Initially, it could overwhelm you as a beginner, but trust me they are easy-to-use platforms with amazing interface.”

Deshpande ma’am feels online teaching is the best way to earn money for homemakers. As a woman, you naturally share a great bond with little ones. Then, why not monetize it by helping them study?

All you need is a working laptop and a stable internet connection.

You can also use a powerful free app such as “Google Classroom” that helps organize student assignments and daily tasks.

So imagine, even if you tutor 5 kids at a minimal fee of ₹1000 – ₹2000 per month. That’s extra cash for you within an hour of weekdays tuition.

Requirement: Laptop

Investment: ₹20,000 – ₹30,000

Best Online Channels: Google Meet, Zoom, YouTube


3. Cake Making 


If sweet is the only love of your life, then baking cakes is the dream job for you.

Cake making is…

“Fast! Easy!! Exciting!!!”

That’s what ‘Brinsee Antao’ a solopreneur from Margao, Goa says about her small business, which her cake lovers know as Fast Bake.

She even conducts cake-making workshops for college students and Self Help Groups as a giveaway and an additional source of income.

From birthdays to any special occasion, cakes are an integral part of all celebrations. It’s easy to start as you already have a kitchen and know cooking.

There’s always a market for yummy treats!

What do you say, No market?

Then try posting beautiful cake pictures, make your online presence, and get ready to bake.

You can locally take orders or sell online, based on your ability to deliver them to your customers.

Requirement: Baking equipment and raw materials

Investment: Less than ₹5000

Best Online Channels: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Final Thought

Household talent needs social media in the social distancing era.

It’s time to turn on your cams and invite some income.

The ladies who couldn’t fulfill their working dream because of family pressure or household responsibility. This is a golden opportunity for you all!

So what’s holding you back?

Be a contributor to this digital world!

You cannot hold the entrepreneur hidden inside you any longer.

(Vivek Patil is a who writes about SAAS, Digital Marketing and Personal Development. He works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing useful and engaging content that gains social media attention and Google likeability.)





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