24-year old Footballer cases handed over to Crime branch


Panaji: Goa police today handed over the probe into the missing body of 24-year old footballer Januz Gonsalves case to Crime branch.

Case is handed over to crime branch following direction from Health Minister Vishwajit Rane. Agassaim police had registered a case of negligence against head of forensic medicine Dr Edmund Rodrigues and two others, all who are placed under suspension.

“Considering the gravity of the offence and to ensure a thorough and more professional investigation of  the criminal case registered on September 29 and investigated by Agassiam police station, stands transferred to crime branch with immediate effect for further investigation,” DGP Muktesh Chander said in an order issued.

DGP has directed police inspector of Agassaim to hand over the case papers and updated case diaries along with the attached muddemal property if any, to the crime branch.

“SP crime branch, shall entrust this case to a competent police officer to conduct further investigation of the said case and submit a fortnightly progress report to this office,” DGP said.

On Saturday, the grieving Gonsalves family got a rude shock when they found that Januz body, from the GMC morgue, was handed over to CCP to dispose it along with three other unclaimed bodies.


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