Will old Hospicio Hospital building be the next, questions Vijai Sardesai



Margao: Reacting to the partial collapse of Portuguese-era UHC building at Margao, Goa Forward Party chief Vijai Sardesai has questioned whether old Hospicio Hospital building be the next.
Sardesai tweeted “HOW LONG BEFORE #MARGAO FALLS? It appears
@GovtofGoa has taken seriously the chief minister’s vow to erase Goa’s #Portuguese symbols by its continued apathy and neglect of our heritage structures. Will #Hospicio be next? I’ve been demanding an audit of such structures so that they can be saved from utter ruin. Restore this invaluable cultural asset and others to their glory immediately! Spare the money and the effort as you did for the #G20 meets. Or is it Govt policy to impress only outsiders, and let Goemkars’ heritage die a neglected and welcome death?”


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