Wild boar to be declared as Vermin : CM

Panaji : CM Dr Pramod Sawant while speaking to press informed that “Government has begun with the process to declare Wild Boar as vermin”
The proposal to declare wild boar as vermin had been pending with Goa Government as the State Wildlife Board  had recommended the National Wildlife Board (NWB) in 2016 to declare wild boars as vermin because of the damage they cause to agriculture in Goa.
Wild boars are commonly found in Goa’s hinterland, which touches the periphery of the Sahyadri ghats, that are a part of the Western Ghats area.
There have been numerous complaints by local farmers and horticulturists, about the wild animals destroying their crops regularly.
It is still unclear whether farmers will be allowed to kill these wild animals once they are declared as vermin. Wild boars are regularly poached for their meat, although this is illegal, people commonly serve the meat in homes and eateries in forests across the state.


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