Why no FIR was registered against eight defected MLAs for hurting religious sentiments, Chodankar seeks answers from CM



Panjim:- Former Congress President Girish Chodankar on Tuesday questioned as to why Goa police failed to register an FIR against eight defected Gaddar (traitor) for hurting religious sentiments by breaking loyalty oath taken at different religious places in the State.

“Despite we filing an official complaint, police didn’t act. And today we see police taking suo moto cognisance and registering a case against two girls for hurting religious sentiments through a post on Instagram. Why Goa police is applying different yardstick for different people? Chodankar questioned.

“It seems every crime is washed out after joining the BJP and hence no action has been taken against the traitors who cheated God and the people of Goa,” he added.

Chodankar pointed out that videos and photos of Gaddar MLAs’ actions had gone viral, in which they were seen cheating God and disrespecting three different religions and hurting religious sentiments of lakhs of people.

“The police acted swiftly in the incident involving two girls for posting on Instagram without any complaint. This raises the question of whether there are two separate laws in Goa under the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant-led government,” Chodankar said.

Former Congress president strongly demanded Pramod Sawant who is also the Home Minister of the State, to come clean on this issue and ensure that justice is served equally and without bias.

The confidence among the public about the laws of the land being same for all, will be only when Sawant ask police to register an FIR against all eight MLAs and punish them for their act same as in the case of two girls.


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