Why did the gigantic mountain of Satrem village collapse? Here’s what locals have to say Devendra Gaonkar


Sattari: The recent floods in Goa saw the breaking down of the gigantic mountain of Satrem village. The stones from the mountain have blocked the flow of river, which has been flowing from the Satrem village mountain. It has also blocked the path of Karnataka from Satrem village. The villagers are in a fix and are wondering what led to the fall of the mountain. The Satrem village mountain comes under the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary, and the onlookers have said that the fallen mountain has damaged many trees.

According to locals, the Mhadei wildlife Sanctaury mountain has collapsed due to the recent floods. The mountain range collapsed in Zarme, Karonzal, Kumthol, Maloli, Budruk Karmali and Satrem village. And because of this fallen mountains many old trees from Mhadei wildlife sanctuary has got damaged.
“This is a manmade disaster, we are killing the trees from mountains area in large numbers due to which the water is not going inside the mountains, the rain water water is flowing from the mountain and the mountain is falling down. The forest department should plant the trees at mountain areas, where there is no trees. Otherwise the floods will come again and again,” said Rajendra Kerkar, renowned Environmentalist.
Meanwhile the Valpoi Mamlatdar has asked the Valpoi zonal agriculture officers that to do the survey of fallen mountains and submit the report to him immediately.


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