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What can we expect in the run up for Election preparedness in Goa

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Panaji: Chief Electoral Officer Kunal held a press conference to give some of the highlights of election preparedness and monitoring. Here are some of the highlights:

Casinos under Scanner

Election Commission of India will keep a strict watch on the casinos operating in the State of Goa to avoid them from being used as a conduit for money laundering during upcoming polls.

Matka, Narcotics too under strict watch

The election officers have kept matka and narcotics under strict watch in the State. At times these two routes are also used to lure voters.

Monitoring of Bulk purchases of items

Apart from usual monitoring, a check would be kept on the type of bulk purchases made in the market and whether there is “any increase in sale of certain items.”

Online transactions under scanner

The ECI is also in touch with the Banks to monitor online transaction during the election process.

Wheel Chair for every polling Station

Every polling station will be provided with a wheel chair. The ECI officials will ensure that disabled voters are provided all the necessary help and also polling stations are made accessible through ramps and other facilities.

Gun deposition has started

The authorities have already started collecting the guns from the licence holders.

Anti Social elements under scanner

Anti social elements are kept under scanner. The bonds are being furnished from them to ensure that the law and order situation prevails.

Flying squads will be in action

There will be extensive deployment of flying squads There will be static surveillance teams in place.

All departments mobilized

All the departments are mobilized. Proactively they have deployed their teams.

Candidate with criminal record will have to come public

As per the recent notification, the candidates with criminal record will have to publish their records in print and electronic media at least thrice.

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