We will be the last one to go back on our word: Goa Forward on Lok Sabha polls


Panaji: Goa Forward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai has reiterated his support to the candidate fielded by the BJP-led alliance.

Sardesai has said that his party would be the last one to go back on its word given during formation of the State government.

“ This is the first Lok Sabha élections after the formation of our party. And our role in this election is already significant,” he said in a statement released here.

“Perhaps for the first time we, through our ideology and grass root work, have been able to make Goemkars sensitive to their regional issues and needs, and thus make them look at all elections with a regionalistic flavour.”

“We have infused the idea of Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn into the consciousness of the Goan electorate so that even when they vote in the national elections, they will favour those who genuinely understand and champion our regionalistic aspirations at the national level.”

“As a Goa centric party, that’s our contribution. As an alliance partner, we would be the last one to go back on our word, we gave when we formed the alliance. Be under no doubt, Our karma will be in synergy with our dharma,” he added.



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