Wedding season in UP affects voting Goa’s Vasco constituency


Vasco: The wedding season in Uttar Pradesh took toll on Parliamentary election in Goa where Vasco constituency polled the lowest 68 per cent votes, a senior functionary said.

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Talking to GNH, Vasco MLA Daji Krishna Salkar said that the Vasco constituency polled 68 per cent votes during May 7 election as many voters had travelled to their ancestral villages in Uttar Pradesh.

Goa recorded 75.20 percent turnout during polling across 1,725 booths. The voting was 76.34 percent in the North Goa Lok Sabha seat and 73.90 percent in the South Goa parliamentary constituency, according to the data released by the Election Commission of India (ECI).


Vasco constituency, a BJP stronghold, polled the lowest which is 68 per cent votes.

Salkar said that during the campaigning there were attempts to convince the voters to stay back on polling day. “But we could not stop them from going to their native as this is a wedding season and everyone has to participate in the functions,” he said.

The Vasco MLA said that if the elections were held in non-wedding season, then the turn out would have been more.

Salkar also said that Vasco being the constituency which has several transferable voters working in the Indian Navy, Mormugao Port and other central government establishments, there are many voters who exist on the voters list but have stopped staying here after their transfer.

Indian Navy’s INS Hansa base is next to Vasco constituency due to which many sailors and officers live here.

Salkar said that he has filed formal complaint with the Election Commission of India (ECI) asking to delete the names of those officers who have transferred from here.

He said that a group of voters have dual voting card, one in Vasco and another in their native of Karnataka. Salkar said that these voters travelled to their native in Karnataka to vote as the date of Goa polling was getting clashed with that in their state.


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