WEB3ONTHESEA launches Ground-breaking Platform to Catalyze Web3 Revolution in Goa


Panaji: WEB3ONTHESEA, a pioneering initiative aimed at facilitating, educating and incubating the Web3 revolution in Goa, was officially launched today with the support of the Department of Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Government of Goa. The platform envisions creating a dynamic ecosystem for investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, technology partners and students, positioning Goa as the preferred destination for envisioning and building the future. First-of-its-kind in India, the project will encompass and bring alive the vibrant cosmopolitan nature of the state and foster the billion-dollar Web3 wave to bring the world to Goa once again.

The keel plate of this transformative project was unveiled by the honourable Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant. The unveiling ceremony also witnessed the introduction of various programs by Shri. Rohan Khaunte, Hon. Minister of Information Technology Electronics & Communications and Mr. Raj Kapoor, Founder of India Block chain Alliance.

WEB3ONTHESEA’s primary focus is to foster the growth of a collaborative web3 community, emphasizing development and education. The project introduces offshore re-purposed vessels, reimagined as dynamic spaces comprising meeting rooms, recreational areas and high-speed 5G-connected working pods and rooms. This innovative addition reflects WEB3ONTHESEA’s commitment to providing a unique and flexible environment for collaboration and innovation. The offshore infrastructure is set to redefine the traditional concept of workspaces, offering a blend of functionality, creativity and connectivity against the scenic backdrop of Goa’s coastline.



Shri. Rohan Khaunte, Hon. Minister for Tourism, IT, E&C and Printing and Stationery, Government of Goa, highlighted the strategic importance of the initiative, ” I am thrilled to witness the launch of WEB3ONTHESEA, marking the dawn of a new era in Goa’s technological landscape. This pioneering first-of-its-kind initiative is to position Goa as the preferred destination for envisioning and building the future and aligning seamlessly with our state’s vision for a ‘Swampurna Goa’—a state that encapsulates holistic development, innovation, and prosperity. This pioneering initiative underscores Goa’s commitment to becoming a creative hub for the tech fraternity. WEB3ONTHESEA is not merely a project; it is a movement to bring the world to Goa once again, not as mere visitors but as active participants in a movement that envisions making Goa the creative capital of India”.

Mr. Raj Kapoor, Communications and Founder of India Blockchain Alliance, emphasized the potential impact of WEB3ONTHESEA, stating, “This comprehensive tech ecosystem is poised to transform Goa into a thriving hub for innovation, collaboration, and technological advancements. We are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. The incorporation of offshore facilities is a game-changer for WEB3ONTHESEA and sets the project apart as a pioneer in tech ecosystems. These re-purposed vessels will serve as hubs for creativity, collaboration and cutting-edge work, providing an unparalleled experience for individuals and teams alike,”

WEB3ONTHESEA aims to embody and showcase the vibrant cosmopolitan nature of Goa, steering the billion-dollar Web3 wave to bring global attention back to the state. The initiative invites participants across various domains, such as Design, Art, Sustainability and Web3 developers, innovators, incubators and technical support resources to collaborate and build in Goa.


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