We are not criticising but have been giving suggestions, you haven’t incorporated any: Rahul Mhambre to CM Sawant



AAP convener in his statement said that while CM Sawant urges everyone to give suggestions, but never pays heed to any.

We have been giving suggestions to him ever since outbreak of pandemic to deal with Covid situation in the state, but nothing has been done so far.

“Nearly a month back we had urged cm to shut down to casinos and night clubs as there are hotspots to spread corona. But it took cm a month to implement our suggestion for reasons best known to him” said aap goa convener rahul mhambre.

“We have suggested that the Health department should make public the availability of beds through the health bulletin in view of the increasing number of cases and growing complaints from people of non availability of beds.
AAP Goa Convener Rahul Mhambre said it pains to see the Chief Minister being more interested in politics by inaugurating projects and thwarting Covid protocols rather than being concerned about people’s health and having meetings with health officials to deal with the situation specially since he belongs to the medical fraternity.
In the prevailing situation in Goa, though the partial lockdown is welcomed, a lot more needs to be done on health infrastructure. Oxygen is the need of the hour and Govt is yet to setup any helpline for the same, informative videos about Home Isolation protocols and do’s and dont’s will help people to do self care, CM Sawant and his team is yet to work on these things.

GMC is flooding with patients, need to have more ICU beds and Covid care centers. Govt must take up school halls, banquet halls and some hotels under its administration to increase its capacity.

“We are ready to support Govt in all their initiatives, our volunteers are ready to work for the people of Goa, I urge CM Sawant to do an all party online conference and make a cohesive plan where all can contribute to save Goa”, said Rahul Mhambre

The CM must rope in NGO and clubs like Rotary, Lions yo hold plasma donation camps. The health department has a data of people who have recovered from covid. They need to reach out to them to donate plasma.

It is also important to Vaccinate staff at govt offices like post offices, talathi, mamledar on a priority basis as general public visit these office and the spread is curtailed. Similarly the diffrently abled people need to be given priority.


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