Vishwajit Rane assures total support to Muslim Jamat members


Valpoi: Valpoi MLA and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane has assured total support and security to Muslim jamat members.

Rane in a statement released here has said that “In my recent interaction with Jamat Muslim members pertaining to the implications of CAA, I have given the members my confidence and total support as they have the same rights as any other citizen of Goa since they have also been living in Goa for several years, especially in Valpoi, Usgao & Parye constituency.”

“I have always stated that I have a broad mindset and my vision for Goa is for all the communities to live together in peace and harmony,” the minister said.

“I also received a memorandum from their end and also heard some of their greviences &  areas of concern. I have assured them that there wont be any harm caused to them. They have absolutely nothing to worry about as they have my total support,” he stated.

The minister said he is looking forward to meeting them shortly to ensure his support and clarify any issue.


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