Vijai Sardesai backs Joshua for Mapusa by-election


Porvorim: On the floor of the House and outside the Assembly, Goa Forward Party chief Vijai Sardesai vehemently supported Joshua, son of late Francis D’Souza, for the BJP ticket in Mapusa by-election.

Sardesai speaking on the floor of the House during passage of condolence message to Manohar Parrikar, Francis D’Souza and Vishnu Wagh, made a mention about Joshua.

He said that the Joshua would be supported by him to carry ahead the legacy of his father.

Sardesai continued his tempo even outside the Assembly when he told reporters that he has already expressed his sentiments to the BJP that Joshua should be given a ticket.

Sudin disappeared with resolution on government formation day: Dipak Pawaskar

Porvorim: The differences simmering within MGP came to the fore on Wednesday soon after Chief Minister Pramod Sawant proved majority on the floor of the House.

MGP MLA Dipak Pawaskar who is apparently upset for not getting cabinet berth in Sawant-led cabinet told reporters that party’s central committee had passed the resolution for the same, which was supposed to be given to BJP leader Nitin Gadkari.

But Sudin disappeared with the resolution which never reached Gadkari.

“MGP’s central committee also resolved to get three cabinet berths and a corporation as a part of the understanding to support BJP,” Pawaskar said.

“We wanted to know if the resolution reached Gadkari. But Gadkari told us that he did not receive any resolution, so only two cabinet ministers would be accommodated from MGP,” he said.

Pawaskar said that Sudin was not traceable and he was carrying the copy of resolution with him.

The MGP leader said that currently they are happy with the government. He also ruled out merger with BJP.

got this resolution and hence we will get only 2. There is no divide in the party

Leader could not reach with resolution

We are not blaming sudin

Shiroda- deepak dhavalikar decision we will follow them..if he is contesting we will campaign..and if he contest we will win

Sudin was not traceable and he was having the resolution of central committee which did not reach to we are happy with new govt

There was no question of merger or resigning



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