Velim goes ‘Vocal for Local’ this Diwali


Over 40 women from the villages of Baradi and Rangalim in the Velim constituency took the opportunity to showcase their culinary and creative skills at the Diwali Bazaar organised by the BJP Velim Mandal at the Government Primary School .

Speaking on the initiative to promote ‘Vocal for Local’, Savio Rodrigues, BJP Spokesperson and leader from Velim said, “Under the leadership of PM Modi and Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant we have started working with women in different villages in our constituency to empower women and encourage entrepreneurship. We have already launched the ‘Velim’ brand of products which are cow dung Diyas, Plantable Seed Pencils and Seed Balls. Soon we will be launching ‘Velim’ brand of masalas and pickles. We have also introduced the ‘Modi Collection’ recycled notebooks.”

“At this Diwali Bazaar, women from the Velim constituency have produced wonderful sweets, souvenirs, decorations, diyas, women fashion accessories, pickles & masalas which are being sold in Velim and across Goa,” revealed Rodrigues.

Speaking to Suvarna Juvekar, entrepreneur who makes unique Goan masalas which sold in Goa and internationally, she said, “This is the first time in the Velim constituency such a bazaar has been organised for Diwali. It is a great opportunity for us to display our products. Our leader Savio Rodrigues has been instilling in us women the spirit of enterprise and encouraging us to become women entrepreneurs. He plans to take my brand of masalas across India and Internationally.”

Roshini Motte, another women entrepreneur expressed that it is very important for women to earning a living. So I have always endeavoured to be a woman entrepreneur and focus on trading of goods. The Diwali Bazaar is a wonderful initiative of BJP Velim Mandal and we have always received tremendous support from Savio Rodrigues.

Recently the Velim panchayat was adopted by Goa Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Vinay Tendulkar under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Model Village’ scheme. Women entrepreneurship besides education, employment and environmental consciousness is the primary focus.

“We want to turn our 16000 women in the Velim constituency into not only home makers but home earners also through entrepreneurship,” revealed Savio Rodrigues.


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