Valpoi Municipal Council organises yet another meeting to solve parking and traffic woes Devendra Gaonkar


Valpoi: The locals of Valpoi town have revealed that Valpoi Municipal Council body has totally failed to solve the parking and traffic issue of the place. On Monday the Valpoi Municipal Council body held a meeting on the parking and traffic issue of Valpoi town but they failed to come to a conclusion on how parking and traffic issues of the town can be solved.

For the last five years, the Valpoi Municipal Council has been holding such meetings on parking and traffic issues of the Valpoi town. But till date they didn’t get any solution on how to solve the parking and traffic problem of Valpoi town. According to locals, In Valpoi Town the shops have been built without having the proper parking place.

The customers, who come to shops to buy the groceries, are parking their vehicles in the middle of the road because the shop does not have parking. Due to this, people are facing parking and traffic problems daily. Also, some shop owners have occupied the municipal property and some have done the encroachment on municipal property.

The Valpoi Municipal Council Body even failed to take action on these shops.


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