Unlock-4 and Human Quotient


The Government decision to open up Bars & Restaurants, Tourism etc has to be taken with a pinch of salt. A lot of caution needs to be exercised in the implementation of the re-opening of these social hubs where social distancing is extremely difficult.

The Disadvantages are far too many when compared to the minor economic advantages of Bars-n-Restaurants resuming business. We’re talking about human lives in comparison to economic revival. Human Welfare should always have priority over Economic Welfare and more so in wake of a World Pandemic.

Every medical expert including our very own Dr.Jagadish Cacodkar & Dr.Ira Almeida has stressed that Social Distancing is the only real method of preventing Corona. It doesn’t require a medical degree to know that social distancing goes for a toss in bars & restaurants. When most of our socially irresponsible elements don’t observe basic Covid protocols even in normal state of mind how can we expect them to do so under intoxicated revelry.

The daily count is rising day by day reaching a record 636 new cases in a day. We have also crossed 200 Covid deaths which is far too high and sad for a small state like Goa. With the mindless abandon that will follow the opening of bar-n-restaurants, tourism and borders, it will be no wonder if Goa starts clocking 2000 new Covid cases per day !

Worst still is the decision to do away with Covid negative certification from air travellers & road borders This will mean the Second Innings of the already Infamous Quarantine Tourism. And when these tourists whose Covid antecedents are not known conduct their revelry in bar-n-restaurants, all caution will be thrown to the wind. All the sacrifices made by our local population will be nullified as more and more Corona carriers keep landing in Goa thus compounding the already dangerous spike rate.

While it’s true that the tourism sector needs to be reopened along with everything else to revive the economy it’s equally important to understand that Simply opening up sectors for business without putting in place proper restrictive protocols to ensure the safety of people will only do more damage than good in the long run. Especially when it comes to the pandemic, rather than revival of economy, such uncontrolled reopening will only lead to uncontrollable consequences and catastrophic loss of precious human lives.

Economic revival should not take a precedent over the Human Quotient. The Sustenance-cum-Protection of Human Life and Human Welfare should always be the priority.


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