Union Minister Shripad Naik mentored Non Profit organization to give portraits of Bharat Mata to the temples


Panaji: A non-profit organisation mentored by Union Minister Shripad Naik has decided to provide portraits of Bharat Mata to various temples in the state as a step to imbibe feeling of patriotism.

Naik told reporters on Thursday in Panaji that Matrubhumi Seva Pratisthan, a non-profit organization led by him, would give portraits of Bharat Mata in at least 75 temples during this year.

The minister said that the aim of this project is to imbibe feeling of patriotism amongst the citizens.

Naik said that during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival this year, at least twenty Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandals were given the portrait of Bharat Mata by the organization, who had displayed it in the pandals.

“We decided that these portraits should also be given to managements of various temples,” he said adding that the Freedom Fighters living in the locality around respective Temple would hand over this portrait to the (temple) managements.

Naik stated that the organization has already spoken to 10-12 temples. “The first temple to be given this portrait would be Sai Baba Temple at Old Goa,” he said.

When asked, Naik said that the organization can also provide portraits to the Churches, if there is demand from their side. “We don’t differentiate between temples and Churches. Whoever is wiling to install the portrait, we will give them the one,” he added.


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