Truck owners uneasy over delay in resumption of the mining, questions seriousness of CM


Sankhali: Delay in the resumption of mining seems to have created uneasiness amongst the truck owners, who have now began suspecting intentions of CM Pramod Sawant towards the issue.

Nilakant Gawas, one of the leader of Truck Owners, on Sunday released a video, straightforward asking CM whether he “really wants to resume the mining in the state.”

Gawas also went on to add that dump handling or transportation of auctioned ore, do not amount to restarting of the mining. He said that such an activity benefit only few ministers and the mine owners.

Gawas is one of the leading figure in pro-mining agitation since beginning. He is representing the truck owners’ lobby before the government.

Gawas said that the mining was stopped by Manohar Parrikar in the year 2012 and after that BJP has been only giving fake assurances on its resumption.

“Current CM is also giving deadlines after deadlines. After May, he said the mining will resume after Ganesh Chaturthi. But nothing seems to have been happening,” Gawas said.



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