Calangute = Drugs


It’s a shame that Calangute which is famous the world over for its beautiful beach synonymous with Goa’s Tourism has become infamous for Drug’s, Drugs and more Drugs.
With another haul of high quality Charas worth 90K, the present Government stands humiliated in front of the world time & again for allowing the situation to degenerate to these repeatedly shameful levels.
Such large scale Drug Business cannot flourish without Powerful Political Patronage and purposeful blind eye from the Administration bowing to high level pressures. Everyone seems to be a stakeholder in this Drug & associated businesses of Crime, Prostitution, Betting, Money Laundering that eventually lead to Anti-National/Terror Funding activities!
I once again call upon for urgent in-depth Investigation by Central Agencies including the NIA as these Drug Business has a national & international network. Our local Law Enforcement agencies are doing their best despite the pressure’s from Pablo & Don Corleone but need the support of Central agencies/NIA to curb this menace with an all encompassing action to bring in the international bosses and also frame the powerful local bigwigs.
I shall continue escalating the matters with the Central Agencies to fight this menace that’s destroying Goa & it’s future generations. I seek the support of every true-blooded Goenkar in this Fight against Drugs.


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