Chimbel, Merces frequently in dark as Power dept suffers from VIP Syndrome


Chimbel: Electricity department’s Old Goa station seems to be have continued smitten by VIP Syndrome as it continued to give second class treatment to the people living in areas like Chimbel and Merces.

While uninterrupted power supply is provided to the areas like Altinho and Dona Paula, the areas like Chimbel and Merces continue facing frequently prolonged power shut down.

Sub Station at Dona Paula was in the news in June 2018, exactly a day before then Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar suffered brain stroke in Mumbai.

In a bid to satisfy an influential builder, whose property was getting developed at Old Goa Plateau, the Power Department had changed the entire route of High Tension line by erecting new poles.

After frequent power shut downs, in the second week of June, 2018, several people led by St Andre MLA Francis Silveira had marched to the Sub Station at Old Goa.

It was then revealed that the High Tension line was being shifted at the cost of the state electricity department to help the builder.

Even as the people in Chimbel, St Cruz and Merces remained in dark, the electricity was diverted to Dona Paula and Altinho through Bambolim Sub Station.

Incidently, the palatial house of Madkaikar was full lit while people struggled in darkness. Coincidently, next day, news about Madkaikar suffering stroke in Mumbai had arrived.

The residents of Chimbel have said that despite several complaints, the electricity department continues to get smitten by the VIP syndrome.

People have now decided to protest against the electricity department, which is giving them the sleepless nights.


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