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Tourist taxi owners seek support from Goa govt

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Panaji: Goa’s traditional tourist taxis have sought compensation from various taxes from the state government as their business has come to a standstill due to current COVID-19 outbreak.

A representative of North and South Goa Tourist Taxi Owners’ Association this week met Chief Minister Pramod Sawant pressing for various demands.

The tourist taxis are an integral part of state’s tourism industry. Due to current lockdown and ban on travel, the tourism industry in the state has come to a standstill.

“The tourist season for this year was very bad. And before we could recover from the sluggish season, COVID-19 happened,” said Laxman Korgaonkar, who represented both the associations before the chief minister.

He said that several thousand taxi operators are in dark over the future of the trade. “We are not sure when the tourist season will re-start. Also, whether it would pick up the pace considering the situation worldwide,” Korgaonkar said.

He said that Pramod Sawant-led government has efficiently handled the crisis situation in the state. “The government has also provided financial assistance to those affected section including Goan daily wage labourers,” he said.

Korgaonkar said that on the similar lines, the compensation should also be provided to the taxi operators.

In the memorandum handed over to the chief minister, the associations have demanded that each of the member be paid Rs 12,000 per month allowance till tourism industry resumes.

“The banks should also be asked not to charge for EMIs of the vehicle loan and also the interest on it,” the memorandum reads.

The taxi operators have also demanded that there should be waiver on insurance as their vehicles are off the road.

“Also those who have already paid the insurance should be given the extension till situation normalizes,” he said.

Korgaonkar said that the tourist taxis have also sought  relief from the taxes including Road Tax, Passenger Tax, Renewal of Permit, Renewal of authorizations, driving licence, PUC and others.

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  1. Yes the memorendem which has been submitted to honble CM. By our association members Mr. Laxman korgaonker and mr. Bappa korgaonker is a good job. And the grievances mentioned in the letter that ie. The Corrona vires desease is spreading throughout world and India like anything and this is because we people of India are not taking this problem as serious and as a result we will have to suffer more time in order to overcome this desease. The day when this desease will be fully in controll means when it will be ZERO then only we can say that we won the GAME. Because of some senseless people we have to suffer a lot. This is because we never try to implement and recommend the good things. Thank you and I pray before the GOD who is the creater of this great world that please BLESS our INDIA and people as whole. Thank you.


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