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Nature Vs Nurture—An Insight

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What, how? Phew! how can one small unseen to the eye and so minute in size, bring the whole world to halt and the whole humanity to wonder.  Have you recovered from the shock, the jolt of uncertainty, that nature threw at us!  An unprecedented event in the recorded history, where the whole of humanity is affected by a pandemic. Yes!! We are living through the moment in history that will be remember for time immortal. While the Nature heals, they say, are you healing and learning??

How many of us are stuck with unfinished business? How many of us are stuck with our loved ones being away from us and haven’t seen them for many days or months?

Anxiety, Uncertainty looms heavily on us as to whether life will return back to as before. Yes, Life shall return back but with much alterations and edits.

Time is the healer, the biggest teacher. Let’s respect this moment in history, when it calls for slowdown. We need to wake up to some harsh realities now. In the daily grind of life and in the age of IoT, our mindfulness is dulled. Goals, Targets, Productivity, Race against time engulf us. Yes! They are important and is necessary for a positive growth in success and in achievement scale. But, most of the time, we end up wearing blinkers on and while on this rat race with high speeds, we miss out on few of pure joy moments of life.  It’s time for us to undo this and learn to smell the coffee! Slowdown is the Mantra.  Time has put a universal brake to slow us down and devoted on the attention to self and world around us. There are lessons that we need to imbibe in these uncertain times. We need to accept that we are all vulnerable, and when the wrath of Nature is severe as this that our freedom which we took for granted is curbed, we need to take a step back and analyze our stance.

Go Inward. Practice Mindfulness. Learn the Art of Observation.

Now, is the time to go back to rekindle a lost hobby, rummaging through things and objects collected over time, which was unnoticed before. We can all use a bit of Marie Kondo in our lives and learn to organize and let go of things that is not necessary or required, spending time with family, cooking, gardening, watch a sunrise or sunset. These activities are part of self-care and boosts our morale scale. Unfortunately, we needed a pandemic to understand this.

Looking at the visuals of our Earth heal, spring time in full bloom, rare animals sighted back in the forests, having wild-life taking a stroll in the city limit. It gives us hope that life will come back to normalcy and world that we share with other beings needs sensitivity and care. How selfishly we have made it just our own. Time for us to honor nature’s way of things and learn to adapt to this change of life slowly and nourish this new leash.

This testing time is for us to gain focus, prioritize and strategize, using the mindfulness techniques of empathy, sensitivity, patience and resilience. This time we shall start afresh. Happy Growing!!


Article By Sujata Raju

Sujata Raju is a social psychologist who works primarily in the field of behaviour and communication. Her passion for learning about human mind and cognitive skills keeps her interest alive in psychology and mindfulness practice.


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