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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

TMC’s Goa entry, whom to credit, whom to blame?

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While it was expected that the electoral contest in Goa would be between political forces like BJP, Congress, AAP, Goa Forward Party, MGP, NCP, Revolutionary Goans, Goencho Avaaz, the sudden emergence of TMC is something which was not expected.

When battle lines are already drawn and the state is waiting for the Code of Conduct, followed by elections, the Para shooting of TMC in the state has created flutters.

Congress MLA Luizinho Faleiro quitting the party to join TMC and more names from Congress being discussed has further added to the euphoria.

But, whom to credit or blame for TMC eyeing Goa?

Largely, the opposition space in the state has been divided, which is letting the political parties which were conventionally never in the state’s scene, think of contesting here.

The regional parties have failed to make its mark pan-Goa. MGP and Goa Forward Party have been restricted to a few constituencies. MGP is shrinking.

Congress has been badly affected with internal groupism and rivalries. I would consider AAP as a conventional political party for Goa as it has been present here for around five years now.

This had led to AAP, which would be considered as conventionally Goan party as it existed five years back, creating a space for itself in the state. It was getting BJP versus AAP in many places or Congress Versus AAP, when TMC emerged.

Faleiro has not been able to justify his switch to the Mamata Banerjee led party. Unification of Congress is a larger term. What does it mean, no one knows.

The failure of the local parties to grab the confidence of voters is a major reason why TMC can even think of contesting Goa.

The charisma of Goa leaders is slowly disappearing. There was a time when leaders like late Manohar Parrikar had their own charisma to pull voters. But currently, the charismatic leaders of Goa origin are missing.

Now! Let’s wait for the West Bengal based leaders to unleash their fiery speeches in crowded public meetings. The rumours are rife that several hundred TMC workers have descended in Goa to help in logistics.



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