Time to change Goa, People going through ‘Hell’


Panaji: The time has come to bring about a political change in Goa, Revolutionary Goans Supremo, Manoj Parab said today in a video message released on the occasion of his birthday. Without a doubt almost everyone will say they want a change but there is a need for everyone to participate in this revolution. Basic amenities and a decent lifestyle is what the people here are craving for.

“Goa needs a system of governance where people can live fearlessly and with respect. There is a need to bring about sustainability and stability of society. We have seen enough dirty politics, buying and selling of MLAs, inefficient people ruling us and framing policies. Despite being liberated we are still slaves to these 40 dalals. The system has not only been deciding our fate but also the quality of life we live. The time has come to bring about a change and as responsible citizens we need to come forward and do our part,” pointed out Manoj.

Goa’s pristine beaches and laid-back lifestyle that attracted tourists for decades is slowly deteriorating. It is being pushed to the edge by the drug mafia, pimps, land mafia and corrupt politicians who have turned a virtual paradise into an increasingly dangerous place.

“Our serene villages, pristine beaches, green hills and fields, clear water bodies are all on the verge of deterioration. Goa has been coming into the global spotlight for all the wrong reasons like murder, extortion, rape, kidnaping and other forms of evil. The Government is desperately trying to sell the state to outsiders. Our personal life is being affected and the people from here are going through hell. Some are silently watching as they fear the repercussion of speaking up.  We need to bring back into our hands the Goa we once cherished,” said Manoj.

“RG is focusing on all the 40 constituencies and have been working hard to win the trust and faith of the people. How many seats we will win totally depends on our fellow Goans but they will definitely send us to the assembly to form the government. Work has begun in full swing across Goa. During our door to door visit people tell us how unhappy they are with the current BJP-led government,” he added.

On the occasion of his birthday he chose not to have any lavish celebrations but spent time with his family.

“ I would like to thank my fellow Goans for showing their love, prayers and wishes on my birthday. My team across Goa decided to have several door to door campaigns and corner meetings as a token of love. Together we will definitely win this fight to save our motherland,” signed off Manoj.


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