Three arrested for prostitution activity in a premises on Ribandar causeway


Panaji: Old Goa police have raided a dance bar which was being operated from a premises leased out to Bangalore-based businessman by senior BJP leader Anil Hoble.

The property was on a lease given to one Mahesh Hegde from Bangalore, who used to run a dance bar in it. A senior police official said that the girls from Nepal were being lured into prostitution by promising them jobs in Goa.

The entire scam was exposed when three girls managed to flee away from the place and informed NGO about the alleged illegal activity happening here.

Old Goa police in their raid have rescued three more girls from Nepal.
Three persons including Hegde and his wife Karishma Hegde alias Ridham Lama (originally from Nepal) were arrested by Old Goa police.


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