This is what we should know on Children’s Day


The State of Goa has two Child Welfare Committes one for North Goa & one for South Goa
The committee functions as Bench of magistrate sec 27 (9) of JJ Act and have powers conferred by the code of Criminal Procedure 1973 (2 of 1974) on a metropolitan magistrate Or, as the case may be, a Judicial Magistrate of First Class.

On an average the committee in North Goa attends 2 cases of runaway /missing child per week and 3 calls per week from 1098 in relation to rescue of children in street situation and 1 case of sexual abuse for rehabilitation of these children and victims of various crimes related to children.

The committee takes cognizance of and receives Childrens produced before it.
Refer children for short term/ long term residential care and rehabilitation of children in government run children home (Apna Ghar) and as well as child care Institute managed by NGO.

Declare orphan, abondoned &Surrendered child free for adoption
Monitors child care Institute under it’s Jurisdiction.

Monitor and plan rehabilitation of each child under its care in collaboration with child care Institute,childline, police, judiciary, ngos and various stakeholders working with Children in the state of Goa in matters related to child education, physical and mental wellbeing, vocational training and job placement till the age of 18 yes and in special cases upto 21yrs of age.

The committee consists of 1 chairperson and 4 members Who have minimum of 5 years of experience of working with children in field of education, health, law, sociology, child psychology and social work.

The committee is appointed  for a period of 3yrs and functions from the premises of government run Childcare Institute (Apna ghar) Merces.


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