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Team Goencho Avaaz of Calangute Constituency demands swift action on Goa’s law and order crisis: submits memorandum to respective police stations, CM and DGP


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Roshan Mathias, the people’s candidate for Calangute constituency from Goencho Avaaz Party, led a delegation of people comprising of residents from the villages of Candolim-Sinquerim, Calangute-Baga, Arpora-Nagoa and Parra, to submit a memorandum to the Calangute, Mapusa and Anjuna police stations. The memorandum demands swift action on the law and order breakdown and huge crime spike that plagues Goa. The delegation urged the authorities to restore safety to the people and to ensure that law and order prevails.
Commenting on the issue, Mathias said: ‘’Article 21 of the constitution of India enshrines a citizen the Right to live in peace, but this right has been infringed upon due to the complete negligence and failure of the concerned authorities in performing their duties. The recent spate of crimes such as rape, murder, gang wars, shoot outs and other anti-social activities that the people of Goa, particularly Calangute and Candolim have been subjected to, is a matter of immense concern. This is causing a bad reputation for the area, and creating untold damage to the tourism industry, which is the main source of livelihoods of locals in the constituency. Women are being heavily impacted as they don’t feel safe to move around freely. Safety of children is also adding to the anguish of the parents. Besides these, there is a feeling of lawlessness that is taking over the area, which is causing significant damage to the ethos of the place and the quality of life of residents.’’
“however, being a matter of serious concern, what is more alarming is the total lack of proactive action on the part of the authorities. Goa is fast emerging into a crime-ridden destination, where anything goes and as a result is attracting criminal elements from all over. The regular duties of the Police if done well are more than sufficient to prevent such crimes and hence maintain the peace and tranquillity of the Constituency and its people’’ concluded Mathias.
As part of the memorandum, Team Goencho Avaaz Calangute Constituency made the following demands:
That, 24 x 7, uncompromised, strict, daily patrol of police at all main junctions which would include random checks of passers-by into the area and more intensely between 8 pm to 8 am. This would help to understand their identity and purpose of being in the locality. It would also narrow down the search in case of any untoward incident that might occur..

These checks should include personal identification verification and search for arms & ammunition. Appropriate action as prescribed by law should be enforced strictly without bias or nepotism.

That, Police booths be setup in every village, where people can immediately rush to in the event of an emergency. The police should be assigned to such booths so that they will reach troubled spots on a matter of priority. At least one woman police person is available at all times at such booths.

That, the police should be aware of “the who and who’s” that are currently residing on any given date and time within their respective jurisdiction.

That there be an adequate staffing of police personnel to meet the requirements of the constituency including women personnel for women-related crimes and issues.

In conjunction with the Panchayats, CCTV cameras are set up on main roads, identified hot spots and by-lanes.

Copies of the memorandum were also submitted to CM of Goa who is the Home Minster and to DGP Mukesh Kumar Meena.

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