Students of Sharada Mandir school, Miramar express gratitude to Manipal Hospital


Miramar: The students of Sharada Mandir School, Miramar handed over appreciation cards to the healthcare staff of Manipal Hospitals for their relentless efforts during the unprecedented times of Covid-19 pandemic. This was a part of special gesture conducted by the school to inculcate the practice of gratitude among the students.
As a part of the value education, the students are encouraged to practice gratitude to boost mental well being. The counsellors engage the students in activities that focus on the positives around to experience happiness rather than be critical.
“Today we had 3 student representatives Wemely, Ifra, Maira and their School counsellor Erika D’Sa visited Manipal Hospitals from the Sharda Mandir School on behalf of the entire school. They handed over appreciation cards made by the secondary section students. These cards were a gesture of gratitude for the services done by the doctors during COVID-19,” said Dr Shekhar Salkar.
He also added, “The school is inculcating good behavior in the students. It’s important that rather than criticising all the time, one should learn to appreciate others.”


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