Story behind our new identity


Yes, we are one of the youngest to enter in the media scene of Goa. But after four years of successful and eventful existence, neither can we call ourselves ‘just arrived’ nor ‘old enough.’ We are between the both. We are getting younger and evolving every passing day. Our content is getting sleeker and more interesting.

That is why we decided to unveil our new logo.

Designed by our Creative Head Prasad Deshpande, this logo is a graphical take on the thinking bubble. Also at the same time, it is playful and vibrant. It reflects the exuberant character of Goa and GNH. However, the vibrancy is not frivolous. It is playful, but grounded with facts. The character of the logo is fluid. It mixes and interacts with any environment. The logo gels in seamlessly with the landscapes and quaintness of Goa. Just like our product.

We don’t cover stories with any prejudice. We project both sides of the story and in the bargain, sometimes, end up facing wrath. But we aim to provide accurate information to our audience.

Hope you will love the new avatar of GNH.
More playful.
More energetic.

So keep watching GNH, for stories that matter.



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