Smart City officials claim that they actively working to rectify the damage at Taad-Maad


Panaji: Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) today stated that it is actively working to rectify the damage caused at the excavation site near Tadmad, in St. Inez, which collapsed due to heavy rainfall while work was in progress to complete the laying of the main sewerage trunk pipeline.

Over the past two days, significant rainfall has caused the water table to rise sharply at the site where a 710mm HDPE diameter pipeline was being laid at a depth of 6.5 meters, with continuous dewatering implemented using a well point system. Under these conditions including rise in tide levels, the sandy soil beneath the drain began caving, leading to the sinking of the side drain.

IPSCDL confirms that this stretch of St. Inez Road from Tadmad to Tonca STP was closed for public use as highly deep excavation work is in progress. The balance 150 m of the road from Caculo Mall to Tadmad Temple is completed and currently under curing period which is to be opened shortly.

IPSCDL emphasized that todays incident is not a quality issue, as no such incidents have occurred in any of the completed stretches of roads in St. Inez. The situation is now under control. Additional dewatering pumps have been deployed to manage the increased water flow, and emergency shoring has been used to stabilize the excavation walls.

“Our team is actively working to rectify the damage caused and measures are being taken to prevent further damage at the site and we assure the public that all safety measures at the site though closed for public use are being taken” said a top official from IPSCDL.


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