Six young fishermen saved from drowning in the sea at Colva


Panaji: Six fishermen who were drifting into the sea due to the rip currents were saved by a team of lifeguards at Colva beach in South Goa on Tuesday.

Drishti Marine, a lifesaving agency employed at the state’s beaches, said in a media release that six young fishermen in the age group of 19 to 24 were saved at Colva beach after they were carried away in the waters due to strong currents.

“Due to the rough waters some of the fishermen were finding it tough to stay steady and got swept into the sea by rip currents. They others went to help and also got pulled into the deep waters,” the spokesman of the agency said narrating the incident.

The spokesman said that noticing the victims struggling in the waters, Drishti lifesavers Dashrath Sangodkar, Punu Velip and Siddesh Gaonkar rushed to the spot along with rescue equipment. “Drishti Lifesavers assisted the six fishermen and brought each of the victims back to safety. Their vitals were checked and found to be normal,” the spokesman added.

Drishti has said that earlier on Sunday evening at Ashwem beach in North Goa, a group of twenty-five people ventured into the waters.

“Drishti lifesavers on duty warned the group of the presence of a rip current. Despite several warnings, the group continued staying in the waters. After a while, a 34-year-old male from Goa found himself in distress after being caught in a rip current,” he said.

“The victim struggled to swim back to the shore. Drishti lifesavers Karan Tandal and Nagesh Sarang noticed the victim and rushed to the spot along with rescue equipment. Drishti Lifesavers brought the victim back to safety,” the spokesman added.


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