Shree Kamkshi Saunsthan encourages devotees to confine to ‘live darshan’


Panaji: The festive season is almost here but this year is not usual with the pandemic in its peak, people have been restricted to pray at home instead of going to places of worship.

Informing that the temple will remain closed for navrati and dussehra, managing committee of Shree Kamakshi Saunsthan, Shiroda said that he has reviewed the situation and obtained Kaul Prasad of Devi Kamakshi, wherein the deity has not permitted the opening of the temple and also not permitted the celebration of festivals.
The temple committee also informed that there will be celebrations of Navratri, Dussehra and consequently no makhar, kirtan, palkhi, tarang, kaul, prasad and any collateral activities. The devotees are requested to not sen any offerings instead they can take the advantage of ‘Live darshan facilities’ on the temple website –


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