Shamelessness = Dr Pramod Sawant


Shamelessness has a new synonym-Dr Pramod Sawant! How else do you describe a person who has lead Goa to this precarious stage of 300+ Covid deaths and thousands suffering first from Corona and then from its dangerous after-effects for life.
When the entire world and it’s powerful leaders were shaking under the fear of Corona, we had two World Class Dimwits who thought otherwise. One in Brazil [Jair Bolsonaro] and the other in our our very own Goa[Dr Pramod Sawant]. Our Dr DEATH is worse than the Butcher of Brazil as this Dr who’s a shame to the entire medical fraternity, took us from Green Zone to 300+ deaths by his idiotic slogan “Bhivpachi Garaj Na”. And he’s still got the gall to come out on TV and tell us now that we have to be careful! Where was this concern when he and his sidekick threw caution to the wind in the name of Quarantine Tourism which was the real beginning of Covid deaths in Goa.

Nobody else but this Cruel Dr CM is responsible for every Covid death and sufferings of the Goans. He ought to be tried by the Janata Adalat for murders of 300+ Goans!

It’s his callousness about the Pandemic and his Greedy Affliction in finding opportunities for Corruption behind the veil of Covid protocols that’s brought us to this alarming stage where our death rate is higher than the National and World average per million. Since this Ignoramus Dr became the CM, our quaint little Goa is in the news for all the wrong reasons and breaking unsavoury world records.
Notwithstanding his Absolute Covid Mismanagement and Careless Attitude, this man is brazenly telling us now to be Careful! Even the thickest skinned Crocodile wouldn’t shed such deceitful tears regarding the 14 Covid deaths in a single day after making the biggest blunders that has singlehandedly lead to death and destruction all around Goa.

Even the most devious of Politicians or the most cruel of Dictators would have taken moral responsibility for the deaths and resigned/abdicated but not this power hungry CM who’s only aim is to fill his moneybags while Goans land up in dozens per day into bodybags!

Having said that in futility as we can’t expect moral responsibility from a person who’s the Patron of every scam, illegal businesses, drug menace, Covid deaths & every other malice that’s plaguing Goa, we now have to take upon ourselves to bring down this Malicious Dr CM and at the same time, we ourselves have to strictly maintain Social Distancing to win the fight against Covid.

Goa must be the only state that’s fighting not just Corona Pandemic but an even bigger Demonic Disaster in the form of an Absolutely Corrupt, Autocratic and Belligerently Heartless Chief Minister!


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