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SGPDA ODP for Fatorda Margao Ponda gets ‘Goem Goemkarponn’ touch

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Margao:  The South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) today granted its nod for the outline development plan (ODP) for Margao, Ponda and Fatorda planning areas. A vision map with focus on to holistic planning balancing the social, economic and environmental consideration of urban development is prepared for the planning areas.
The ODP speaks about affordable housing for locals, educational and IT hub, community farming projects amongst others. What is more important to note is that the Hospicio Hospital has been marked under Heritage conservation area to preserve the architectural character of the age-old structure.
The ODP 2028 outlines the planning for building up a city which can sustain a population of more than approximately 2 lakh people considering a growth rate of an average 5% per annum and start point of census 2011 of population of 87,650.
The SGPDA held its meeting today and approved the ODP which is based on a six point vision programme-city identity, economy, housing, transport, education and recreation and public spaces.
Fatorda has always displayed a rich cultural and architectural heritage over the past decades, whereas Margao is known as the commercial capital of Goa which has one of the most important trading businesses in the whole of Goa. Together they boast to be the second capital of Goa and the headquarters of South-Goa.
One of the most important proposals which strengthens the identity of these cities is ‘The Goa Tinto project’, that aims at preserving rich cultural and architectural heritage of Fatorda. The Heritage conservation area boundary has been extended not only to the Tinto area shops but adjoining structures as well.
The road passing through the Tinto area has been reduced from 20m to 10m for avoiding any future expansions and destruction of our old Heritage structures. A proposal for restoring these structures along with signages, road and other facilities has already been undertaken under Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation.
Furthermore, the Old Camara Municipal building which was earlier marked as commercial zone has been changed to Institutional for public use and has been marked as ‘Camara’ to preserve more than 100 years of history relating to the structure.
ODP proposes an entrance Gateway to the Heritage city of Fatorda and commercial capital of Margao. The Dambab Talli, St Joaquim chapel-Borda are identified under heritage conservation area.
The South Goa Bus Terminus has been marked as a Special Commercial transport zone.
For the first time, a special area of around 54,000 sqms (approx. 13.5 acres) which was earlier marked as Transport zone to house truck terminus, has been marked for a Community Farming Hub, which will come up as GSUDA project behind wholesale fish market. This project will take local farmers as its partners for promotion of local veggies.
The technology hub is also proposed by GSUDA. As per the request from Municipality the plot at Malbhat has been marked as commercial Multi Level Parking zone and farmer’s market has been proposed near the new Presentation convent.
Rehabilitation of shanties situated behind Old Electricity department and low cost housing project for Fatordekars near Sonsoddo.
An area near Railway station has been marked a s an institutional zone to house an ICSC board School, a Fatorda People’s School for primary, secondary and higher education is proposed.
As per request by Don Bosco Institute, special additional buildable area has been granted so as to promote better and bigger technical education facilities within Fatorda and Multipurpose school is granted additional building.
Mathagramasth Hindu Sabha is granted additional building for setting up educational facility for Margao and Fatorda.
Further, Fatorda town hall, recreational biodiversity park, Tolsanzor, Saraswati temple, is also proposed.
SGPDA has announced that a comprehensive development plan (CDP) will be drafted by an International Urban Design firm who is well experienced with the city planning.
The CDP will most importantly focus on the street design and all the details      involved like the services and utilities. Haphazard planning and poor coordination among various departments has left our city in a total chaos and the CDP will be the first of its kind master planning exercise which will frame rules and regulations at micro level.
             As far as Ponda planning area is concerned, South District hospital ponda is marked as C-1zone with increased FAR.
A 5 meters buffer zone for Nallah from Ponda bus stand to Panaji-Margao bypass and both the sides and road width is reduced from 20 mtrs to 15 mtrs under the plan.
ODP has proposed that the open space of jogging park for Municipality garden will be developed into children play area.
A biodiversity park is also proposed for the planning area.
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