‘Selfie with Ganapati Bappa’, contest organised by BJP

Panaji :  BJP’s cultural cell has organised a contest ‘Selfie
with Ganapati Bappa’ on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
Along with the selfie contest, there will also be other competitions like rangoli, aarti, naivedya etc. In the aarti contest, a video of five minutes of the family members singing aarti together has to be sent on WhatsApp.
The photos of naivedya and rangoli also should be sent on WhatsApp.
The prizes will be distributed depending upon the response for
the contests.
The participants should send their name, constituency and contact number while sending their videos and photos which should reach the organisers by September 17 to Adv Deepak Tilve (9309333814), Dr Purnanand Chari (9822554652), or Rutesh Vernekar (8308787287).


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